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Become the leader you would love to have.

Our Vision and Values

Effective leadership is key to the survival of a team. At SLR Leadership Consulting, we help you move beyond surviving and guide your team to thriving.

Our core leadership values:

  • Regularly giving and receiving feedback

  • Integrity

  • Willingness to Learn

  • Humility

  • Respect

  • Willingness to Take Risks

These values are woven into who we are as a team, our approach in all that we do, and in the content we provide.  

We also feel strongly about giving back to our local community and donate 1% of all proceeds  to local charities in the greater Harrisburg area. 

About our Founder


Kelly Waltman, PhD 

With over twenty years of experience developing and delivering curricula, Kelly has a passion for helping individuals learn and grow. From the classroom to the board room, she has designed content for groups of all sizes. She also brings over a decade of managerial and leadership experience to her work - holding director-level positions with previous employers, and serving as a board member for local non-profit organizations.


In addition to her work with SLR Leadership Consulting, Kelly founded She Leads and Reads, a monthly book club and content curation site focused on personal and professional development books.

She holds advanced degrees from Shippensburg University and a PhD from Temple University. 

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