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Become the leader you would love to have.

Our Vision and Values

Effective leadership is key to the survival of a team. At SLR Leadership Consulting, we help you move beyond surviving and guide your team to thriving.

Our core leadership values:

  • Regularly giving and receiving feedback

  • Integrity

  • Willingness to Learn

  • Humility

  • Respect

  • Willingness to Take Risks

These values are woven into who we are as a team, our approach in all that we do, and in the content we provide.  

We also feel strongly about giving back to our local community and donate 1% of all proceeds  to local charities in the greater Harrisburg area. 

About our Founder


Kelly Waltman, PhD 

Dr. Kelly Waltman draws upon her twenty-plus years of leadership and professional development experience to take leaders and teams on a journey of understanding what true connection means, what effective feedback is (and what it is not) and how to begin cultivating their ideal workplace culture.

In addition to her work with SLR Leadership Consulting, Kelly is the author of the bestselling book, Elevate Connection, and a keynote speaker for conferences and corporate events. 

She holds advanced degrees from Shippensburg University and a PhD from Temple University. 

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