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Become the leader you would love to have.

Our Vision and Values

Effective leadership is key to the survival of a team. At SLR Leadership Consulting, we help you move beyond surviving and guide your team to thriving.

Our core leadership values:

  • Regularly giving and receiving feedback

  • Integrity

  • Willingness to Learn

  • Respect

  • Willingness to Take Risks

These values are woven into who we are as a team, our approach in all that we do, and in the content we provide.  

Our Team

Dr. Kelly Waltman

Kelly Waltman, PhD 

The Founder & CEO of SLR Leadership Consulting, Dr. Kelly Waltman draws upon her twenty-plus years of leadership and professional development experience to take leaders and teams on a journey of understanding what true connection means, what effective feedback is (and what it is not) and how to begin cultivating their ideal workplace culture.

In addition to her work with SLR Leadership Consulting, Kelly is the author of the bestselling book, Elevate Connection, and a keynote speaker for conferences and corporate events. 

Robena Spangler.JPG

Robena Spangler

Robena Spangler taps into her twenty-five plus years of senior level executive experience to engage individuals, teams, and organizations in leadership and professional development, using an equity and inclusion lens.


Leveraging her extensive experience in human services, she also assists service providers with ensuring the provision of safe, quality services for children, youth, and families.

Mike Travisano

Rev. Mike Travisano is an ordained Buddhist priest (Osho), and a practitioner of mindfulness for over thirty years - providing mindfulness and meditation teaching and coaching for individuals and organizations.

Mike also brings nearly thirty years of experience leading teams and initiatives in companies such as IBM, multiple Blue Cross Blue Shield companies, and the United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development in Rome.


Mike also works as a Contemplative Practitioner as part of Charlie Health’s youth intensive mental healthcare program for adolescents and young adults.

Marilyn Stein

Marilyn Stein retired as a parole officer after twenty-three years of service. This provided her the opportunity to establish a training and consulting business focused on bridging the gap between criminal justice and recovery.


Marilyn's goal is to help individuals and teams forge a path to wellness through education, awareness and a belief in their own magic.

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