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Elevating Connection to Purpose

Elevate Connection, outlines the importance of helping team members feel connected to the mission and vision of the organization - to the bigger "why" that serves as the foundation for your work. Research shows that having a unified vision is not only good for employee morale and inspiration, it’s also a more productive way to conduct business. But how do you elevate team member connection to your "why"?

Here are 3 strategies to elevate connection to purpose.

Involve Your Team in the Process

Involving your team members and providing space for their voices to be heard also helps promote a sense of inclusion and belonging. If your team members are genuinely and actively involved in the process, if their voices are heard and valued, that feeling of being a part of the bigger picture will be amplified. They will feel included because they are included. It helps promote belonging because they helped create the space, it reflects their input and influence. Rather than simply being told where they fit in the tapestry they are helping to design it. That is powerful.

Communicate Openly and Frequently

To elevate connection to purpose you need to have open, on-going communication with your team. It’s not a once and done situation. Additionally, if you genuinely want your team to feel connected to purpose, you need to be transparent about what the purpose is and how their individual contribution, and the company as a whole, is working toward achieving that goal. Additionally, communication must be on going. It’s not enough to be transparent and engage your team in setting the vision, and then never discuss it again. Effective communication involves clarity and consistency.

Elevating connection is a perpetual journey, not a destination. Elevating connection is about intentionally weaving your core values into the everyday experience.

Revisit Routinely

Taking time to periodically review your everyday practices with a renewed focus can uncover areas for improvement. It can reveal opportunities to improve your messaging or find ways to enhance your pursuit of purpose. It allows you to evaluate just how well you are living out your values and purpose as an organization – are you excelling in some areas but falling short in others? It also promotes inclusion by providing all team members, including recent hires, with an opportunity to become part of the process.

You should also determine in advance what your review schedule will be.If it’s not on the calendar, it’s highly unlikely to happen. Just like the saying “what gets measured gets done,” that which gets scheduled gets accomplished. So, determine if you will meet quarterly, twice per year, or annually and stick to the schedule.

Remember, connection requires an investment of time, energy, and resources. You need to make it a priority. It’s ok to start small, but you need to start somewhere.


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