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You've heard that culture eats strategy for breakfast...
It's time to bring strategy to your workplace culture.

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What Our Clients Say

Rock solid information delivered with style, expertise, and most importantly compassion. When I began the Courageous Leaders Academy, all I knew was I needed help becoming the leader I felt I could be.  Dr. Waltman gave me straight-forward yet challenging structure to achieve this, launching a journey towards my best self.  

Jen H.

What an amazing resource to have! It is often difficult for leaders to develop themselves, but SLR Leadership and Dr. Kelly Waltman provide a consulting service that address issues at the heart of what you need. With flexibility, a down to earth approach and an expert curriculum, I am thrilled to have discovered this gem!

Rebecca S.

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."

John F. Kennedy

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